Commercial Exterior

Restore exterior surfaces to like-new, and keep them looking that way. A permanent solution—not a cover up job.

Acid rain, pollution, and sun exposure can darkes, stain, and pit surfaces over time, decreasing a property’s value. Provive rolls back the clock, bringing buildings back to their original glory without altering the original characteristics.

Interior Applications

A permanent surface barrier that’s easy to clean.

Tenants pay huge monthly leases. They don’t want to see the entryways, walls, and focal points looking tarnished, marked up, and discoloured. There’s nothing worse than smudges and fingerprints on washroom stalls, railings, corridors, escalators, and elevators.

Provive’s restoration and protection services make interior spaces new again. And when metal is the main concern, we bring in Metal Maintenance, a division of Provive.

Once cleaned and brought back to like-new, Provive-treated interior surfaces are protected with a non-sacrificial coating. This permanent surface barrier can be easily cleaned by non-professionals using mild soap and water.

The Provive Difference

Buildings are exposed to UV rays, salt, moisture, dryness, dust, dirt, snow, rain, sleet, hail, cold, heat, pollution, car exhaust—and graffiti. All these things affect the way a building looks—and what it’s worth.

Painting over a problem area is a short-term solution. The result is a surface that looks, well… painted.

Provive’s revitalization process creates like-new results without altering the original characteristics of the building. Our products strip away dirt, stains, and grease from existing surfaces. Colours are brought back to life and a permanent clear coat makes it look new again without altering the original characteristics of the building. 

Amazing Results!

Before: grime and black streaks had tarnished the stainless steel.

Before: concrete is worn, dirty, and faded.

Colours are not noticeable. 

Before: dull, black streaks, and faded
Before: dull, black streaks, and faded
After: clean mirror-surface reflecting the building across the street!

After: cleaned and treated, two-tone colours are vibrant again, and the polymer coating prevents dirt from sticking to it.

After: clean and reflecting the sky!
After: clean and reflecting the sky!
Before: weathered and dull.

After: bright and shiny!

Before: dull

After: looks like new!


Provive is a revolutionary surface technology with applications across many industries. Our mobile teams service major centres in Canada and the United States.

Call PROVIVE today to solve your surface revitalization challenges.


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